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BarGenie is a program that will be loved by all those users who love cocktails. BarGenie is a complete database featuring the recipes for more than 29,000 different cocktails.

BarGenie shows you how to prepare all kind of cocktails, from the usual Manhattan, Daiquiri, Caipirinha or Pina Colada to other rare ones like run Swizzle, Emerald Isle or Paddy Cocktail.

If you are preparing a party and you want to surprise your friends, BarGenie will be really helpful. Each cocktail entry features, the ingredients, a photo, the recipe explained step by step and even the kind of glass where we should present it.

BarGEnie also includes a chart of correspondences between different measurements and a converter, an utility to calculate the blood alcohol level and a tool featuring the ingredients we can add if we don't have one of the specified in the recipe. Finally you can add your own cocktails.
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